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    Validate the quality of your services with MYSTERY SHOPPER PLUS!

  • 615

    Hiring an undercover agent is completely legal.

  • 616

    Are there doubts about the behavior of your staff?

  • 313

    Want to know what's going on in your absence in your business?

  • 613

    Measure the gap between the quality promised and the actual quality of service with MYSTERY SHOPPER PLUS!


  • Video proof

    These mystery shopping  interventions are filmed with sound and image.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Our mystery shopping reports issued by the agency are recognized as containing precise and pertinent information, and are therefore unanimously valued by litigants and administrative tribunals.

  • Certified agents

    All our mystery shoppers investigators in Montreal, are licensed by the Bureau de la Sécurité Privée (BSP).


With our video proof, you can now evaluate, measure and compare how your procedures are being carried out. These operations are filmed using images and sounds, and they come with a detailed report. Businesses and government agencies who come to us truly appreciate our services. In fact, they use our services to carry out certain procedures or to introduce as evidence, in a court of law, illegal acts committed by professionals. All of our mystery shoppers investigators  have been licensed by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée.
We help owners and dirigants in the areas of retail, restaurants, hotels, etc. to measure the quality of customer service and / or products, time of service, staff knowledge, sales techniques, the effectiveness of the display and advertising, cleanliness and safety of the premises, prices as well as the verification of trade policies for its own business or that of its competitor.
Double secret agents provide an effective investigation technique that makes it possible for company directors to reduce the consequences of illegal acts. Using a double secret agent allows management to identify the source of a problematic situation and take corrective measures.