Mystery shoppers and retail sales


The concept of mystery shoppers is already well established in Quebec. Although often misrepresented, mystery visits allow the retailer to evaluate the service that clients are receiving.


Mystery visits were all the rage in the 1990s in Toronto. This type of visit is a good way of gauging client satisfaction and can be considered part of a marketing strategy.


Businesses, shops, offices and retailers in Québec are increasingly using mystery visits and double agents. Mystery shoppers can even go to public administrations and services.


Mystery shoppers  provide an effective investigation technique that makes it
possible for company directors to reduce the consequences of illegal acts.

The mystery shopper service is not reserved for major chains and businesses. Our investigators can enter any organization that carries out commercial trade or provides customer service.


The first step is for the client to prepare an assessment of the quality of his or her services before hiring us. We require specific evaluation criteria and benchmarks as well as objectives so that we can clearly define the problem.


We value the information you provide, because it has repercussions on your clients’ experience. We can help you monitor the behaviour of your employees so that you can crack down on those who are behaving abusively or not doing their work properly.


You are the pillar of your company and you are the best person to judge what’s right for your business.


Trust in us. Say goodbye to pointless written evaluations! We can get you the answers you’re looking for.


The professionals at BCS Mystery Shopper Plus will deliver top-quality video evidence as well as a full report on the behaviour of your employees. If you are not happy with your employees’ attitude, you’ll be able to take action.


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