Mystery shoppers for syndics and professional associations


The role of a syndic is to investigate members of a professional association and to take action if one of them commits a breach of discipline.


Our mystery shoppers  are able to assemble the necessary
information to identify undesirable employees.

The investigations conducted need to be credible—that’s why professional mystery shoppers handle the investigation.


Syndics sometimes call upon the services of certain experts. That’s where our detectives (mystery shoppers) come in. Tasked with an investigation mandate, they visit the professional in question in order to verify—and prove, if applicable—whether this person is failing to act in accordance with the best practices of his or her profession. The mystery shopper can also verify whether the professional really has the required licence.


Mystery visits by the team of investigators at BCS Mystery Shopper Plus are almost always carried out in the offices of the professionals called into question. Sometimes, we invite them to a house or apartment, depending on their services.


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